Unify Facility Management brings its special services and experience to the car cleaning industry. Over the years, we have built a team of experts in facility management and we bring this skill to car owners. With our industry experience, we give our customers a professional and dedicated car cleaning service.

Your car is washed, but it’s still dirty

Everyone wants a car that shines and is spotless. Car washes done by untrained hands often dulls the paint and leaves marks and scratches on the car’s surface. During such poor quality car washes, untrained workers waste buckets of water and soap, and use a rough cloth, which is certainly not the right way to treat your car.
This is what our car cleaning service does differently.

Our Car Cleaning Service

Unify Facility Management offers car washes performed by trained professionals. No spot is left uncleaned when you hire us. We perform interior and exterior cleaning of your car. Our trained professionals not only use their skills, but also use the right equipment to ensure your car almost looks as good as new. They use a special cleaning solution, car wipes, and vacuum cleaners to perform a thorough job.

A Daily Car Wash
Unify is a large team and we have many trained professionals. Giving excuses is not a part of our car wash package, expect your car to get washed daily.

A Waterless Car Wash
For a water-stressed nation, water should not be wasted for car washes. This is why we offer a waterless car wash. The special cleaning solution we use, gives your car the sheen and gleam back.

A Car Wash at your Doorstep
You don’t have to bring your car to us, we come to you. Regardless of where your car is parked, our cleaning professionals will clean your car.

Want to hire our car cleaning services?
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