Why is brand vital for recruitment

    Why having a brand image is important? Successful companies have one thing in common – they have a well-known brand. A well-known brand not only attracts more clients and work, but it also attracts more talent. Maintaining its brand image is of utmost priority. While many companies fail to maintain their tags of…


How do you build your technical team

Behind every technology firm’s success is a strong technical team. A talented bunch of programmers, engineers, web designers, etc., is crucial to an IT firm’s growth. But, most IT organisations face a huge challenge in attracting and recruiting highly talented individuals with a technical background. Typically, mass emailing, posting vacancy ads on job portals and…


How to hire for cultural fit

  As organisations evolve, hiring for cultural fit is gaining popularity. But, what is this cultural fit? As recruitment consultants in India, we have come across several organisations that hire ‘the ideal candidate’ but end up regretting that decision. When recruiting, most firms lookout for an ideal candidate – the one who matches the qualifications…


What do recruitment consultants in India actually do

  Image Source: pexels.com The recruitment process is not just about interviews and hires, it involves a series of steps including advertising the job, sourcing candidates, setting up interviews, matching candidature in terms of requirements and culture, reference checking, and hiring formalities. Recruitment consultants, as the name suggests, do just that – recruit. Recruitment consultants…


5 steps to conduct a perfect job interview

Finding the perfect match for a vacancy at your company? Well, sourcing the right candidate is much more than getting applications matching the qualifications and experience required. While resumes do tell you a lot, only a face to face interaction reveals aspects about a candidate that helps you make a better judgment. Hence, getting the…


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4 best recruitment consultants in India

Recruitment is all about seeking the right fit for your organization. Recruitment consultants act as mediators between organizations seeking talent, and candidates who are looking for a suitable employment opportunity. Right from advertising job vacancies to assisting with negotiations, recruitment consultants in India take away all the hassles of hiring from you. Of course, the…


Recruitment Consultants in India – Employee Retention Strategies for firms

Employee retention is the biggest challenge faced by organizations today. With the spontaneous attitude of the millennial generation, the task of retaining employees has become even more testing. Employees leave organizations for several reasons. Unsatisfactory work environment, poor pay and appraisal structure, lack of growth opportunities, etc. contribute to employee turnover. Most firms offer a…


5 tips to shortlist resumes

When you post a job opening expect a truckload of resumes to be sent to you. You do not want to interview every single person who sends you their resume. Rather, you wish to narrow down to only those few who you are promising. This is why shortlisting resumes is vital and it can be…


7 ways to give a better interview

Got interviews lined up for the coming week? If you are looking forward to getting a job, then prepare to nail the interview! Well, we do understand that prepping up for an interview is exciting. On the other hand, interviews are supposed to be taken seriously.  And, at the same time, you may feel overwhelmed…


maintain peace at workplace

How to maintain peace within a workplace

A workplace is often the most overtaxed place as employees are constantly expected to work hard in order to deliver the best results. In such a situation, any disputes, bad behaviour of seniors, office politics, unfair rules and regulations, tough targets, etc. can cause additional stress and uncomfortable conditions within the workplace. Maintaining peace in…


Jobs in Dubai

How to find the most appropriate job in Dubai

Has working in Dubai always been your dream? Have you been sending CV’s to several employers and haven’t heard back anything even from a single employer? The hiring methods and practices have changed over the years. Recruiters and employers look for candidates who can smartly attract them. Hence, you must follow certain steps and only…


Safe workplace for women

Ways to make your workplace safe for women

Women are not entirely safe at their workplaces. Since decades, female workers have been experiencing unsafe and uncomfortable work environment, but the reports of such incidences are found less often. The major reason for not reporting sexual harassment or abuse at the workplace is the fear of losing the job or defamation. But, it’s high…